Anthony B. from Germany

April 24, 2014
Scorpion Exo Passport One Piece Suit I bought the above suit from Motorbikegear after a considerable amount of research. The first problem was that it took four weeks to arrive in Germany. Then I had to pay an extra €120 in import duty. First impression: I had followed the sizing instructions on the website but the fit was tight. This has loosened up somewhat after four months and 6k km of wear (I bought it in November 2013). Now to my current experience and observations, starting from the bottom: • The Velcro on the lower gaiter attaches itself to the inner lining. A zip would work better. • The zipper for the legs are waterproof but could do with a larger tongue. The tongue on the main body of the suit has a large tongue which is easy to use with gloves on. This is not possible with the leg zip. • The Velcro (four patches) has failed. • The waist belt came detached from the main body of the suit. • The Velcro on the main zip has failed. • The earth magnets on the main zip are not strong enough to hold the flap closed. • The neck fastening is good. • The map pocket flap became unstitched. • The air vent zips on the arms let air in. • The lining is very warm. • With practice, the suit is relatively easy to get on and off with boots on. I reported most of the above to Scorpion Exo with the following results: • They do not pay for returns from outside the US. • Warranty does not cover ‘normal wear and tear’. • They did not offer me a return to the factory, no return number issued. • I asked for their escalation policy. Nothing. • I asked for the name of the service person’s superior. Nothing. Would I buy this suit again. No. Would I recommend this suit to another biker. No. Would I recommend this company to another biker. No. All in all, not a happy experience.

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