James M. from Washington

April 11, 2014
I'm not a person to normally review products, but this was necessary. I've ridden these pants commuting in Seattle from 30 to mid 60s. Didn't get in them in much hotter, but I think I will now. I rode them to Nevada through as low a 25, and with a bit of layering I never had an issue. Here's the real thing though: I hit an oil slick on the freeway 2 days ago and highsided, hit the pavement doing about 45-50 mph. These pants work. Attached is the picture of the left backside, there was another hole in the left knee. Had I been just in jeans, they would have torn and left me bare skin. I think I'm about to buy another pair. In the 2.5 years I've had them, the waterproofing has never failed, the zippers have never failed. Take the waterproof liner out in the summer and they'll do well. If you were to unzip them a little they'd probably do fine in the hot stuff. Most importantly, they really protect you. Highly recommend.

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