John H. from Montana

June 24, 2013
Was never much of a fan of helmets until now... I decided to try this HJC Modular to see how I'd like that type of design. (I originally ordered a Medium but after trying on a friends HJC I changed the order to a large. Fit is perfect.) I have to say it's AWESOME! Being able to flip up the face guard when at a stop, allowing you to talk to riding partners... Very nice. I like the retractable sun visor, it makes it nice not to have to wear sunglasses inside the helmet. I did add a PinLock to the face shield (Highly recommend!) which was a good decision, last weekend I traveled over 300 miles in down pouring rain, the shield never once fogged. All in all I really like the helmet, and think it a good buy for the $$$. Down sides... It is an inexpensive helmet and overall construction shows it, parts of the liner and face shield have come loose and I need to inspect them regularly to make sure things are snapped in place and screws are tight. There are only 2 vents on the helmet, one on the face guard one on top of the helmet which doesn't allow much air flow thru the helmet. If you have a full fairing or tall windscreen on your bike this helmet can get very hot. Final note... If you are on a budget the HJC IS-Max BT is a great helmet. I would highly recommend this helmet.
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