Benjamin D. from California

June 14, 2013
I bought both jackets to see how they both stack up since they are both currently in the $200 range(The Icon jacket is on closeout). My build is 6", 130lbs, and 30 waist. The Compund jacket is the perfect length with the drop-tail, more protective(built in back-slider, leather/mesh/textile hybrid), better wrist cuffs, and no hook&loops to fray any mesh. Although the shoulder armor shifts around too much, there is a lack of attention to detail(loose threads everywhere), no bicep adjustment(DROOPY ARMS), no reflective strips, fit is terrible for my build. The fit is very "American," and because of the molded side TPRs the jacket fits and looks terrible for my build. The air-flow is good for hybrid(Standing in front of an industrial fan); not as good as the Airwave. The Airwave flows tons of air, bicep adjustment, amazing attention to details(YKK Zippers, spring loaded snaps, and a very nice neck roll), and great fit for my build. The downsides are that it's about an inch too short all around, and the cuffs are hook&loop so they may fray mesh. The fit is somewhat "American," but not overly loose. It would be perfect for my build if it were just an inch longer so it would sit right on my waist instead of above it. Overall, the Airwave, in my opinion, is the jacket better suited to my needs.
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