Nathan B. from Florida

March 15, 2013
Jacket fits great! It was very well packaged when I received it, on a very strong supportive hanger inside of a plastic sealed bag, along with paper to protect the jacket. Has everything that is described, wish it could come with a back protector but I love the shoulder outer armor as well as interior and the forearm and elbow armor are very flexible and feel extremely protective. It is amazing how protected you feel in this jacket as the outside leather feels extremely durable and quality while the inside has great quality as well and amazing comfort. What I did not realize was that there are pockets inside the jackets lining (3 in fact) and they are great additions to the outside two. Also, if you have the vest in, then any of the pockets that it is blocking from the actual interior of the jacket, the vest also contains pockets for itself so that you do not lose these pockets. And by the way, that vest is not gonna move while you ride with it as it is zipped in on both sides, buttoned to each shoulder and then a loop is placed through part of the jacket to keep it in place.
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