Mike from Illinois

April 3, 2013
2011 gsxr 600 First off, the shipping is super fast, I ordered on Tuesday morning and arrived on Wednesday at 1pm. Amazing. Next, it took me about 20 minutes to install, because I'm really careful not to miss anything. The direction were very descriptive, easy to follow with pictures. The sound, yeah there's a difference, you can hear it. Deeper tone than stock, not much louder, but you can hear me better now. I took a sound meter from my phone and it came up at 84-85 dbs, and my stock was 81, so yeah there's a difference. Carbon Fiber, wonderful piece of material, doesn't get hot, I ran my bike around the block and the exhaust is louder than stock, love it. Second after running around for a while my typical engine heat is about 170, and it was around 40 degrees outside. I was curious how hot my canister was, so I touched it with my leather glove, cool, touch it with my hand, no gloves, warm, like normal body temperature. I don't think my girlfriend will be complaining anymore that she burned her leg.
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