Tabatha B. from Virginia

March 25, 2013
Always pleased with shipment; extremely fast! These boots are great for cold weather riding. My feet are always cold, but had no complaints in these boots! You do have to break them in, but after walking around the house in them for a little, they were good to go. Shifting took some getting used to because it is a heel (inside the boot), but that also went with breaking them in because they were "stiff." They run snug (a bit short on the toe), so I'm glad I got the 9 which fit perfectly, and especially happy they don't make my foot look big! These boots happened to have been the most hated boots on the DMV sport bikes forum of FB (people only like SIDI's). I have SIDI's (bought from you all as well) but u can't compare the two. However, I'm happy with this buy!

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