Wendy N. from Illinois

February 6, 2013
The airhawk seat cushion is a must have for any long distance riding. It saved my butt (literally) on a trip from Chicago to Bar Harbor, ME. Before purchasing the airhawk, I could do an afternoon of casual riding with only a small amount of discomfort, but why bother? Any ride over an hour and I'm grabbing that thing! After one season with the airhawk the quality seems to be holding up. Well worth the money if I can get another couple of seasons out of it. The "small cruiser" size would probably be a good fit for the SV650 I have. That's what I ordered but they sent the larger size. It's a little too big but I actually like it. The straps they send to attach it to your bike are identical to bra straps and a little flimsy. I make it work with a bungy cord. Love it!
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