Jon P. from Texas

November 14, 2013
I've been waiting for these for 2 years. They were on Mobile Warming's website but not available. They were well worth the wait. I'm glad that MotorycleGear carries them since I know from experience that they have the best customer service out there. The first pair arrived missing a glove. The new pair was shipped out immediately, before I even returned the original one. I couldn't wait for a cold day to try them out. These gloves are well insulated and warm even with the power off, but yesterday's ride in on the tollway at 32 degrees and 80 mph (legal in TX) kept my fingers, normally frozen, very warm and comfortable. Having 4 different temperature settings allows me to extend the life of the battery and get just the temperature needed for the conditions. I set them at the 75% yesterday. This morning with the same temperature, I set them to 50% and they were still comfortable, but I did notice my fingers were a bit cooler. I will probably bring them along on the next snowboard trip as well and imagine they will make sub-zero days a lot more fun.
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