Raymond C. from Virginia

October 31, 2013
Simply put, if you take long trips on your steed, this is the tank bag you want to have. I just completed a 2500 mile adventure and I could keep all my everyday essentials in it for easy access. The top opening for a GPS unit is pure genius.I was truly surprised when I discovered that the clear viewing window actually allows you to work a touch screen very well. And power can be routed through the bag with velcro strips that keep the cord out of the way when packing & unpacking. My Buell does not have the handlebar space for a GPS mount and this bag fit the bill perfectly. The other feature I really liked was that the mounting pad can stay on the bike and the bag can be unzipped from it and used and carried as a backpack. The one and only drawback I have found is that the clips on the front strap that goes around the steering neck get pinched(and broken in my case) when I turn to full lock. Mounting on other bikes may or may not have this issue.
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