charles g. from South Carolina

September 27, 2013
In this picture I am wearing: HJC CS-2N Lava Helmet in XL - true fit, I have never used the removable neck curtain, if it's too cold for this without, I wear the HJC Fullface - If I'm on the bike, a helmet is on my head. FirstGear Velocity Gloves - perfect fit in a Large, cool in the summer but still feel protected with armor in the knuckles, I NEVER get on without gloves Power Trip Ronin Armored Denim Jacket - my newest purchase, in the picture I am ~6'2"~, 235lbs. I wear a 50 long suit coat and 36 waist pants. I have the waist snaps all the way in and still have a little room, when it's warmer, I will let them out to let air in the waist. This jacket is good from mid 50's (this morning) to mid 70's in traffic or low 80's if you are mostly moving the whole time. It gets a little warm at 80+ if you are sitting. I have gotten several compliments on this jacket from random people. It's a nice basic jacket, with armor. All of these items were bought from you guys over the last 2 years. I would not have been able to afford them if not on sale.
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