David R. from Georgia

January 4, 2013
A great helmet! My last was an HJC CL-SP so that is my comparison. It lasted five years without malfunction so I stuck with HJC. The RPS-10 is in a different class. - It's much more aerodynamic which ultimately means quieter. It doesn't get pushed around by the wind so much. - The center latching face shield seals very well. The CL-SP's didn't and I always felt a little wind around it. The RPS-10's almost instantly fogged up on my first ride actually. I installed the pinlock that night and all is well after that. - The top vents scoop lots of air in. They don't seal perfectly but it's only a minor nuisance. - The chin curtain is effective at reducing the amount of air that enters through the bottom. This was included with the helmet. I bought it separately as an accessory since I was unaware. I guess I have a spare now if I ever lose one. - The lighter weight is noticeable and appreciated.
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