Mark K. from Pennsylvania

September 26, 2012
I have wore this jacket in rain and stayed dry during a down pour then when the sun came out opened the vents and got some fresh air, cold morning 40deg rides to work and in the afternoon remove the liner for the ride home, and heat during tours I will say when the temps go above 90 keep moving or you heat up. So far the best all around jacket I have ever owned. the fabric moves and breaths the armor isn't obtrusive and allows you nice range of movement. The TPG gloves so far have been warm I haven’t wore then in rain but I like not having excessive padding on the palms for heavy gloves these keep the feeling on the handle bars almost the same as summer gloves. I couldn't afforded this level of gear if it wasn't for and the prices the provide. The service and delivery was prompt and on time like everything I have purchased I have been very satisfied and continue to make this site my come to place to buy my gear.
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