kh from NY

September 24, 2012
The Scorpion pants were purchased for touring purposes, however I did use them on a track day for small displacement two strokes. I also let a friend borrow them along with the Icon vest. My friend had a low speed getoff on the chicane and got right up - he was fine and glad to be wearing the gear. I had a 15 mph lowside on my gs500 during a rainstorm when I hit a slick spot on the pavement around a sharp corner. Landed on my hip and the sas-tec padding did its job very nicely, just leaving me feeling silly and a little sore. I've since upgraded to a single piece leather suit for the track work :) The Scorpion pants are great for most riding situations, although I wish they were a little tighter so the padding inserts would stick closer to my body.

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