Tony V. from Indiana

September 17, 2012
First off these gloves are amazing. Of course when I got my package I had to go out for a ride and try all my new gear out. Initially I thought I wasn't going to like the gloves because they were a tad bulkier than my other gloves but once I got used to them I fell in love. They allow great movement for operating controls, fit true to size, and feel like they would do their job in a crash. My hands were warm on tonight's ride. The Denim Jacket I like as well. I feel like the sleeves are a little short but I am also pretty tall at 6'4". It is a little bulkier than my other jacket but I got used to it fast. It was about 60 degrees out and I think this jacket would do fine another 10 degrees colder and with a flannel shirt or hoodie under it I think I would be fine even colder than that. I am always hot though so YMMV. Its got decent ventilation and quality zippers and snaps. The only thing I wish it had was a chest pocket inside for my phone and wallet or access to one of the outside chest pockets from the inside. All and all another great purchase from Motorcycle Gear, Thanks guys!
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