Jack & Bev G. from Minnesota

July 19, 2012
We bought two of your Speed and Strength mesh jackets (Moment of Truth SP for me and True Romance for my wife) prior to our trip to Greensboro, NC this summer, where we encountered day after day of triple digit, record-setting heat. We KNOW that these jackets really made a difference on those hot, muggy 500--600 mile days we were putting in. As long as we stayed hydrated, the jackets worked like the "swamp coolers" of yesteryear. We wouldn't want to ride in the summer without them anymore. Special thanks to MotorcycleGear.com for putting them on sale just when we needed them, and to Jerry "The Motorman" Palladino (founder of Ride Like A Pro) for turning us on to them. NOTE: The third person in the photo between my wife and I is Dale Walksler, founder and curator of the "Wheels Through Time" museum in Maggie Valley, NC. Its known as "The Museum That Runs," and practically everything in there can be started up. (Even Steve McQueen's Cadillac behind us.) Go see, hear, and smell this museum--it's truly worth the trip!
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