JASON A. from Arizona

June 24, 2012
I bought a Shoei Qwest for my wife a few weeks ago and was so impressed with her helmet that I decided to buy one for myself! The fit and finish of both of our Qwests is just perfect. You can look at pictures online but until you see one in person, you can't truly appreciate how nice this helmet looks. My wife's helmet is solid silver so I didn't even realize the graphics had metal flake in them. I took a pic of the top of the helmet to show the details and the metal flake on the helmet. I debated saving the $100 and getting a solid color, but I'm glad I went with the graphics. Functionally, the helmet is great. I'm replacing my RF-800 so I knew what to expect for fit. It's close to the RF, but seems to not come down as far on my neck. It also fits tighter at the bottom, which makes it a little more difficult to get off and on, but I'm sure it'll break in. The extra padding at the bottom also makes it seem a little more snug which is a good thing. I was a little disappointed in the sound levels since it's not that much quieter (if at all) than my RF. It does flow a lot more air and the noise level doesn't change if the vents are open or closed. Another major difference is that the viewport is noticeably larger and seems very unobtrusive. You never realize how accustomed you are to seeing the helmet until you don't see it anymore. It also seems lighter when I turned my head to check my blind spot, but did whistle a bit. My conclusion is that this is a great helmet for any price and I'm glad I went with the graphics.
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