Aarion N. from Nebraska

June 19, 2012
As a motorcycle safety instructor I know that the best protective gear is the gear you wear. That being said, a mesh jacket and pants are a must have for any serious rider. Let me say that I was impressed with the build quality of this jacket. Whilst not usually my sort of thing, the sponsor-style patches do give the jacket that extra something which sets it apart from work-a-day avg mesh jackets. All of the armor seems well thought out / placed. Thanks to MotorcycleGear.com for offering this superb mesh jacket at a superb price! In regards to colors, be not afraid of the dwindling color options for this jacket. I was initially disappointed that I could not get the black or red; however, after getting my hands on the actual silver product, I must say that aesthetically the silver is the way to go. The perfect balance of visibility and overall sharp looks. I am 5'10" 200 lbs with a 46 chest and the L fits me like a glove without the liner, which is how I'll be using it. A note about the liner, it is of a well thought out design and definitely puts this mesh offering into a high level as far as versatility is concerned.
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