Chris E. from Colorado

May 4, 2012
Great service yet again, and I'm thrilled with the products as usual! The Piuma jacket really moves a lot of air. I ended up out later than planned when riding with it one day and was glad I at least had a long-sleeve shirt underneath on the 30-minute ride home. [Note the description from these kind folks about the vest liner not offering much warmth - agreed.] I usually keep the windproof full-sleeve liner from another jacket in my saddlebags, should work fine in a pinch. The leather is nice and thick, the flex panels move well, and the armor feels substantial. The Pinlock insert is fantastic! Here in the Rockies temperatures can be in the 40's in the morning and well into the 80s late afternoon. I don't HAVE to crack the shield at every stoplight anymore! I've even tried to generate fogging at a stop and only saw the tiniest wisps out of the corner of my eye, where the insert doesn't cover the very edges of the shield. I ordered the amber color and the improved contrast is great, plus colors really pop. Extra bonus: provides enough dimming that I don't need sunglasses, while not blocking too much light to be safe in the dark.

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