JUSTIN H. from Hawaii

May 2, 2012
Just got the FirstGear Rush Mesh Jacket, in L... I own a 2007 Kilimanjaro, and while FG continually evolves esp their inclement weather jackets, leaving mine obsolete... it never leaked, and had one minor glitch in the main zipper, while commuting M - F, 100 degF <-> 20 degF, in ice, snow, hail, and the ever-present rain in Seattle. It was in a word, amazing, and lived up to everything it promised despite the worst slop of the PNW. But moving back to HI... it was in a word, HOT. Even with the liner out and all the vents pried open like a heart transplant, it was broiling to ride in 90 degF/90% humid with this thing on. I had no choice, had to commute to work with the bike my only transpo. Needed a mesh jacket, but'd never owned one. I went with FG again, as I like their products, and hoped this performed to impress as well as the Kili did in its designated environment. It does. Compared to the heavy, bulky Kili, it's almost like it's not there, and feels like it weighs about half (to be fair, there's a *lot* less coat there). And it flows plenty of air. Plen-ty. I didn't even feel the least bit warm, and on a 78 degF AM going to work, I even felt a bit chilled. Well, my sauna Kili helped acclimate me to Amazonian temps, but still... a pleasant evap cool feeling whle in motion, and not really even hot enough to break a sweat when you're not. Would recommend this Rush, definitely. The only drawback I see, is that I don't have a matching pair of mesh pants, zipped in back -- still using my old 2007 HT overpants until funds permit. The wrist cinch is a bit bulky, and can be a bit of stuffing to get under some glove gauntlets. But other than that, great product, no regret whatsoever. Plus, $40 spiff for buying one. No-brainer. ;)
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