JASON A. from Arizona

May 13, 2012
I first bought a tall size and the torso was so long that it bunched up in the front when on my bike. The extra sleeve length was nice, but I returned it and got a regular medium. It was very easy dealing with motorcyclegear.com through the return process. As for the jacket, I've had some time to live with it now. I am pleased overall with the jacket, but have a couple gripes. The only pockets on the jacket are the two hand pockets on the outside and the sunglasses pocket on the inside left. I don't feel comfortable putting my phone and wallet in an outside pocket with the opening on the side of the pocket. Even though the zipper zip down to close, I'd rather not chance it. This leaves me putting my phone and wallet in the sunglasses pocket on the inside. This pocket closes with velcro that spans the length of the opening and is very difficult to use with gloves. I used to be able to gas up without taking my gloves off. I would like to have an inside breast pocket that opens on top with a small patch of velcro or better yet a zipper. Another gripe I have is that there isn't a velcro cuff closure at the wrists. There is a velcro adjuster and zippers there, but I'd rather just have a single velcro strap to tighten the cuffs. One last thing, I wear this jacket with my Tour Master Flex pants and the zippers are not compatible. The zip in opposite directions. It's not the end of the world, but it would be nice if manufacturers could figure out a standard. As said before, I am pleased overall with the jacket and would buy it again, but would be completely satisfied if the jacket had these extra features.

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