Gerald L. from Langley

April 28, 2012
Needing new gear, I returned to "New Enough" changing it's name but not it's deals or service. "" is a re-newed fave! This time around I bought Icon Reign Waterproof boots. My size 10's were bit tight to get into and a hair loose once in but once I put my orthotics in they were snug and awesome! For nearly 20 years of riding, I've worn waterproof police issue boots so this is a first for me to own actual motorcycle boots. So be warned!: These boots ain't made for walking (or driving!! ;) )I doubt any M/C boot is. They are great in both design and value. I haven't used them in the rain yet. My Joe Rocket Nitrogen gloves (RH) (Large) fit great. They are warm and while not too thick, you can certainly feel the girth of the waterproofing material when gripping the throttle. Again, I haven't used them in the rain yet. I wore them comfortably in rather cool weather but when the temperature warmed up, I switched to my new AGV's when my hands started getting clammy. I got the AGV Monza Gloves (LH)(Large) on sale. They had a minor stitching flaw which is probably why they were on sale. My gain. I'm not fussy. If your hands can fit in either a large or medium, go for the medium in the AGV's. I'm super-happy with my purchases! Gerald
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