Rob C. from Iowa

April 19, 2012
This is going to be a multi-boot review for those of you with larger feet. I bought the Tourmaster Response 2.0, TCX Jupiter 2 Gore-Tex, and Alpinestar SM-X 2 boots all in an effort to find a pair of boots that would fit my size 14 feet! I wear size 14 shoes in Merrell, Dr. Martens, and New Balance as well as size 15 in Nike to give some comparison. I ordered the Tourmaster in size 14, the A* in size 50 and the TCX in size 48. The Tourmaster was the most narrow boot of the three (and was labeled as such) also I felt that it was bit small lengthwise, it was very obvious that they would not work for me. If you have wider feet these are not for you. The price tempted me however so I gave them a try, if you have a narrow but long foot go for it! Next the A*. I went with the size 50 because A*'s sizing chart said that 50 = 14US, normally I find that 48 is closer for me but wanted to go with the recommended sizing. 50 was too big! I could easily slip the boot off my foot even with it zipped up and buckled. Width was fine however no pinching or tight spots at all. Personally I think that a 48 would have probably been perfect for me. The other thing on the A* is the buckle system it's not like any other system I've seen and was not intuitive at all. Even if the boot fit the buckle was not for me so I wouldn't have kept them for that reason. Laces all the way! Finally the TCX boots. I should have just gone with these in the first place as I have an older pair of Oxtar boots-- Oxtar became TCX and as the CSR said on the phone, nothing changed with the boots other than the name. The 48 TCX was a perfect fit roomy with no pinching at all, width was spot on as well as length. Laces allow you to get the boot snug where it needs to be as well. TCX's sizing chart suggests that a size 49 = 14US but the boot comes labeled as 48/49 so don't worry the 48 is the right size. I haven't worn any of these beyond trying them for size but I can say that if the TCX really are no different than the Oxtar boots they were they should last quite a while. My Oxtar's have been great for about 5 years, and they are waterproof for sure! I replaced them because the footbed finally wore out and the sole was wearing thin as well. Lastly, subjectively, I would say that the Tourmaster and TCX boots both looked better than the A*. The A* really give the whole 'power ranger' feel and just don't look that good to me. The Tourmaster's are definitely more 'rugged' looking and more like a hiking boot while the TCX is a bit more racy and styled but not overly so.
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