John from Illinois

March 19, 2012
As others have stated, these gloves are tight. My hand measured exactly 9" which is in the middle of the large size that I ordered. I struggled to get these gloves off the first time. Very, very tight around the wrist area when putting on or taking off. I've had them on for various times throughout the past few days, not riding. I wore them the first time this morning and have some lines between my thumb and index finger on my right hand. Also worth noting is that my index, middle and ring fingers are at the end of the glove. Not uncomfortable, but tight overall. I would say that the fitment guide should be about 1/2" less being that 9" would be the max for a large and probably the other sizes too. I know that these gloves are not broken in yet and have not formed to my hand. A few more rides and they'll fit without issue. You've got to give them time to break-in and form to your hand. I think an extra-large would put the armor in the wrong places and defeat the purpose of the glove for me, so I'm sticking with the large. I don't think the air inlets will do much on very hot days, but these should work for everything but the most brutal hot and humid mid-west days. Other than the air intakes on the first 3 fingers, there is no other ventilation. As usual, with every order that I've ever placed at (formerly, they arrived before the estimated date. In fact, they showed up 5 days before the guestimated arrival date. I've never had to return anything, but expect it would be as painless as the ordering process. Definitely no complaints about the product or the company.
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