Christopher W. from Florida

February 5, 2012
These are very good boots, especially for the price that I paid for them ($165 on sale). I had been looking at a couple different boots (Alpinestars ST Vented Boots, SIDI Strada Air Boots) and was seriously considering the Sidis, even though I hadn't had a chance to try them on. However, I was balking a bit at spending the money, but didn't want to skimp on the protection. I'm a ATGATT kinda guy. I do a lot of commuting and riding around town with longer, more sporty rides on the weekends, so I wanted to find something that could have a good deal of protection but would be tolerable during walking around for short periods of time. These TCXs seem to fit the bill. Their construction seems solid and the protection very adequate for what I'm using them for. The are a little restrictive (as they should be) but not so much that I won't be able to wear them of the bike. I do live in Florida, so I'm interested to see how the ventilation performs, but it looks like the couple small vents on them should make them comfortable, though probably less so than the Sidis I was looking at. Sizing: I went back and forth on this. I wear a size 9.5 US and wear the Vibram Five Fingers all the time, so I like my toe room! So after looking over the sizing chart, I decided to go with the size 44's thinking this would be more comfortable. However, even though the the toebox is pleasantly comfortable and the boots seemed to fit at first, for me there is definitely too much forward and backward "slop" with my foot. In other words, I might be able to get away with it, but the fit isn't "perfect" and I feel that as the boots broke in, there would be too much space for my feet to slide back and forth in the boot, even with it completely cinched up. In my mind it was enough that it would become annoying while riding. Update: I ordered the 43's and they are perfect. I'm returning the 44's. Hope that helps!
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