Frank C. from California

February 17, 2012
So...I try to buy American made goods and to buy at local businesses. However, when all I want is a high visibility motorcycle riding jacket (and want to try it on) why do I have to buy it on line? I went to three local stores that sell cycles and clothing. At one I got the young guy with the typical sales approach: "We don't have anything." End of conversation. Store #2 virtually always ignores customers. I looked around myself - they still didn't have anything, and typically, I was ignored. The local Harley store has great customer service. However, after several minutes of looking through a catalog, I was told that "once ordered, I own it and can't return it." So, a quick Google search turns up, a great website for a family run business. It took about ten minutes to find what I wanted, get the size, find the 'easy return' policy, and buy my jacket. No shipping. No sales tax. Wake up local businesses! The jacket arrived just two days after ordering and it's awesome. There is a slim chance cage drivers will see me now.
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