G. Adkins from Florida

October 16, 2012
I've only purchased gear from motorcyclegear.com (started back with newenough); the quality of this transaction was nothing less than the excellence I have come to expect. The Icon Field Armor Mil-Spec Vest provides a high level of protection (thankfully not crash-tested yet) while allowing me to ride without a full jacket in the Florida heat. Its getting to the point in the seasons where I have to wear this over a leather jacket, but it is comfortable even then. The hi-viz yellow definitely helps me get seen by the somnambulent drivers around here. The RKT-201 helmet is a great helmet for the price. While not as quiet or as light as the more expensive Icon lids I've purchased over the years, I don't have to worry nearly as much about it getting lost or stolen while still having a relatively comfortable (and, yes, relatively light) helmet. The shield is also a fine product that has endured several months (by this point) of steady rides with no noticeable abrasions. The AGV Monza Gloves feel much better after their break-in period. As they were also ridiculously low-priced when I purchased them (even more so now, from what I see), they were a great deal. (not shown in pic) The TCX S-Zero Boots fit wonderfully and are great while riding; they have kept me comfy through many interstate miles and I have no complaints. They are, of course, not nearly as foot-friendly during any extended periods of walking, but you should not be looking to purchase this boot if you're going to be hiking across campus in them (or at least I would not). Thanks again motorcyclegear.com for making the transaction efficient and smooth while managing to save me a lot of money on some great gear.

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