Chelsea E. from BC, Canada

June 13, 2011
Did a 3100km trip on the wet coast and everything we ordered was great! Thanks to Nate everything arrived on time and was perfect. You guys are awesome. It all survived extreme heat and 4days of torrential rains in SW alberta/BC. 1) Sena SMH10. Absolutely awesome, range was prob >than 900m in the open, survived just fine while wet, and had tons of battery life (usually lasted 1.5d of riding without charging), hooked up with various cell phones/MP3 players(20mins), vol. excellent and dial was very very easy to use, easy to install and connect with others. Only quirk, in super high winds would occasionally self connect with the last person called, and tiny bit more wind noise on the left side in high winds at high speeds, no big deal and certainly not a deterrent. 2) Nelson rigg CL-1020 with suction cups, perfect for V-strom, suctions cups survived high winds, torrential rain, heat and dumping the bike on a gravel roadand did not move once. Rain cover totally rain proof. Fit 2hats, my SLR+xtra lens, maps, keys, passports, wallet and snacks 3)Dark smoke shield for Shoei and Scorpion, highly recommended as we both wear glasses under our helmets. Def not too dark at all, in fact I would guess light smoke would be too light.

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