NorthernThrux from Ontario, Canada

May 26, 2011
I am 6 feet, 165 lbs and have a V shaped torso, being relatively athletic. 44 inch chest, ,32 inch waist. I bought a Large Tall, and the fit is almost perfect. The jacket could be about 2 inches tighter at the waist (in circumference), but it's the best fit in any off the rack piece I have eve seen. Lots of room to expand thanks to the flexible side panels. On the bike, the jacket is perfect. It doesn't ride up and the sleeves are just right Sitting in a chair you'll want to unzip the front, as otherwise it rides up a bit on your torso. I have a Thruxton Cafe racer. If I had a more upright position, the regular (i.e. not tall) would have worked fine. My sleeve is a 35 inch. This jacket is beautifully put together. I've wasted a lot of money over the years on other jackets telling myself I couldn't afford this, but really, I should have gone this route a long time ago. As noted by others, the back armor is cheesy and I'll be replacing that shortly.
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