Mike from Texas

May 26, 2011
I would like to start by thanking MotorcycleGear.com for bringing us another awesome deal! I have been shopping here for years, and y’all are consistently the best! Great price, fast shipping, and great customer service in case it is needed. Now for the details about the helmet: SIZE/FIT: If you have not worn HJC helmets in the past, make sure that you try one on in person before ordering because they seem to run a little large. I ordered a size L, and it fits perfectly. Several of my other brand helmets are an XL. The interior is nice quality and very plush. This is HJC’s top of the line helmet, and it shows. FINISH: WOW, great looking helmet! The paint/graphics are very nicely applied with a couple of exceptions. There is one small air bubble under a decal on the top, and the left front vent exhaust is not a perfect cut. I tried to illustrate these in my picture. This does not noticeably detract from the helmet’s appearance though, and would not impact my purchasing decision. The vents/trim/etc…..Everything else is perfect. SHIELD: The shield closes very solidly, and fits tightly against the gasket. It probably makes the best seal of any helmet that I have ever owned. Also, it was a very nice extra surprise that a pinlock insert shield was included in the box when I received it. My only gripe is that there is not a position available to lock the shield only slightly open. The three choices are closed, ½, and fully open. VENTILATION: I can feel air moving in the helmet with the vents open. It was about 90 degrees when I rode home yesterday, and my head was relatively dry when I removed the helmet. It does seem to be a little bit warmer inside than my other helmets, but it is hard to say for sure. I’ve never had one that flowed so well that it would make me forget that it was summertime outside. WIND/NOISE: Very nice and quiet. No complaints. The great seal around the shield probably contributes to the lack of noise. There does seem to be a little more frontal wind resistance than my other helmets though. OVERALL: Buy one, you will be pleased.
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