Elena B. from California

May 13, 2011
I purchased the Kryptonite evolution disc lock, the Bike Master stretch net, and the TCX Women's Gore Tex Boots. I love all of these items, though I was only able to include the bike lock photo. The bike lock is convenient and easy to use, fits into my backpack and is not that heavy, is nice and visible, and I appreciate having the lock reminder to prevent me from taking off with the lock on my disc brake. The stretch cargo net fits nicely on my bike and is very useful when a trip to the grocery store leaves me with more stuff than I can fit into my backpack. The net does not stick out and is super easy to attach and remove. Lastly, I cannot say enough good things about the boots. They keep me warm in the winter, protect my shins, are really non-slip, and are comfortable enough to wear when I walk around. The sizing was true to my size (I am a 9 and bought the size 40); the only issue was that my calves are a little meaty so the boots were slightly tight at the top at first, but the leather has broken in quickly and they fit like a glove for my foot.
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