Wm. W. from Indiana

April 1, 2011
When I ordered the Scorpion All-In Leather Jacket I was not sure what to expect. I normally have trouble finding jackets that fit me, being as I am tall and thin, but I was extremely happy to find the fit was exceptional. Also I generally avoid loud or flashy things and was concerned with the jacket being silver and having flames on the sleeve. This is a great looking jacket. I was so glad to see the silver is a subdued silver and the flames I would classify as "ghost" flames, are only on one sleeve. The quality seems fantastic and the armor makes me feel extremely safe. Best of all is the price, $89.00 are you kidding, I would have expected to pay more in the $400.00 to $500.00 range. Great service and prices I will be back for all my needs.
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