Basil W. from Florida

April 21, 2011
Boots are great! For about $40 more than sidi's entry level fusion, you can get an older generation goretex boot with basically all the same features. Having never actually held the things in my hands before I bought 'em, sizing was something I had to work through, but thanks to Newenough I have a boot that fits not just so-so, but right! That being said I had to go down a size. Apparently my feet are wide and.."flat?", (or like many have said, Sidi's are narrow) I normally go size 10 on sneakers, which stretch out when I wear 'em in. With Sidi's, even after measuring and comparing to the size chart, I ended up going with a 43 (=9.5 US), as I found 44 left too much room in the boot for my foot to move around. This is different than A*'s, in which a 44 fits me comfortably. Sidi's 43 isn't short or narrow enough to cramp my foot, although it comes close (but I like the boots tight.) After 4 months, they have stayed true to size, haven't stretched much (if any) are water-tight, and haven't fallen apart. Can't be happier, thanks newenough!
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