Douglas B. from Delaware

March 15, 2011
Gang; After 3-plus years of wearing my Oxtar GoreTex boots almost daily, the sole started to disintegrate. Time for a replacement. Since I'd bought them through New Enough for $139 buck on closeout, I was hoping for a similar deal on their replacements, but no such luck! However, I am still happy with the TCX X5 GoreTex replacements I ordered the other day. The overall quality and finish of the boot is very good. I've yet to test them in the rain, but I suspect that the GoreTex membrane will do its job very well. However, while I do like them, my guess is the tight fit will accomodate fewer "normal sized" feet than my Oxtars did. I ordered a pair of 45s, just like my Oxtars. But my new boots are cut differently than my Oxtars. My new boots fit my thin foot with a high arch and narrow heal, but there is very little "extra" room in the boot at the top of my arch and around the ankle. My guess is that anyone with a "meatier" foot may have a problem with the tight fit this boot offers. The length is fine (I normally wear an 11), but the fit is definitely tighter than my size 45 Oxtars around the ankle area. But, apart from the tight fit aspect, the gang at MotorcycleGear took good care of me and got the order to me as quickly as they could. This kind of consistent service will keep me coming back for the moto-gear I need. Thank you.
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