Drew from Texas

October 17, 2011
I read a bunch of reviews before trying this helmet. After using it for a few miles, I can say that I disagree with most of the reviewers who didn't like this helmet because I like it. My experience may be different because of the MRA Vario windscreen on my SV650-S (picture attached) and riding stance, but here are my thoughts on the main points of concern that I read about this helmet: Venting- The vents both increased airflow noticeably and increased noise as well, so they're definitely doing something. Noise- I always wear earplugs, but with the vents closed, this is a pretty quiet helmet for my setup/riding posture. The pump- The pump up cheek padding is interesting, it works well and snugs things up nicely. Time will tell how much I use it. Weight- I commute about 95 miles/day round trip and try to hit the gym a couple times a week to keep my back/neck from giving problems, the weight of this helmet isn't anything outrageous. It may weigh more than some others, but I don't anticipate any problems. I've ridden 8k miles in the past 6-months, so conditioning may or may not play a part in how heavy this feels to you. Internal sun shield- The height seems about right, although on a cruiser I can see how some people would think it needs to be positioned lower. It's a real nice feature to have and is one of the main reasons I tried the helmet. The tinting is fairly light but it's better than nothing for sure. All of that said, now that the Exo-1100 is out, I don't think this Exo-1000 is a great $320 helmet, but it is a really good $193.50 (using 10% off promo) helmet, including the $30 promo gift card? It's an amazing helmet for $163.50+tax w/free shipping! Thanks MotorCycleGear!
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