Chris from South East, USA

September 28, 2010
Fieldsheer Air Speed 2.0 Leather Jacket / Cortech DSX Denim Pants / Scorpion Everclear Shield for EXO-1000 Helmets - Dark Smoke / Cortech Injector Gloves Great service from New Enough as always...thanks guys! Please note, I ended up returning the pants, jacket, and visor (hassle free as always...opted for some more brightly colored apparel) and never wore them riding so keep that in mind when reading these reviews. Fieldsheer Air Speed 2.0 Leather Jacket - Seemed to be an overall nice jacket. It fit well while standing up straight. While in a tucked position, the jacket allowed for some slack in the chest and a small gap around the neck which probably would have added to the airflow. The jacket can attach to a pair of pants via a short 8" zipper (attach it to a set of Tour Master Venture Air Pants without a problem), long 360 degree zipper, or to a belt on a pair of jeans/conventional pants via a fabric loop with a snap. This last option does not incorporate any stretch material so expect your pants to ride up some while standing. It also seems of dubious security as far as the snap staying snapped. I think that the overall airflow of mesh would be somewhat impeded by the multiple interior pockets that occupy a substantial amount of interior real estate on each side of the chest (with the liner removed). The interior pockets were not mesh and seemed to be water resistant. The black leather is flat black, meaning it was not shiny at all which was a plus in my opinion as far as styling goes. Minimal reflective material and "bling" made the jacket look subdued and classy. Cortech DSX Denim Pants - Looks like a normal set of jeans, just a bit heavier. The leather panels in the rear and knees seemed to disappear while walking around the house. The knee pads however were bothersome. While standing up, the knee pads settled around the shins. This seems to be a common critique with looser riding pants that incorporate knee pads. The vertical adjustment range just wasn't wide enough to put the pads where I wanted them. These might work well for a taller person...I'm 5'10 and the pants were a 32" inseam which is what I normally wear. Scorpion Everclear Shield for EXO-1000 Helmets - Dark Smoke (No Photo) - Returned this due to buying a white helmet from New Enough. Made the Scorpion EXO 1000 look really nice though so I picked up a dark smoke for the new helmet as well. A little tough to install the first time, but not doubt after some opening and closing the mechanism smooth out. Cortech Injector Gloves - I finally feel like my hands and wrists are somewhat protected against a survivable crash. The double Velcro enclosure (one at the throat of the glove and the other around the wrist) give me the sense that they will remain on my hand during an off the bike event. On the black gloves the stitching is white on the back of the hand and yellow on the inside of the palm. The color difference is not really noticeable unless you take a really close look. One improvement would be for the wrist Velcro to be a bit longer and have a stopper built on to the end to prevent it from falling through the plastic ring. Sizing might be tricky. I order a large (normal with my other gloves) a while ago but had to go with a medium in these.
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