brandon f. from North Carolina

September 18, 2010
I just got my Scorpion XDR Commander jacket after much research online. Webbikeworld and Newenough had the best, most descriptive printed reviews of the jacket by far. I ordered the jacket late on thursday and recieved it direct from Scorpion on Saturday. This is a very good delivery time for standard shipping and I'm quite impressed with the speed that Newenough used to get my ordered submitted and to my door. The jacket is excellent! It does everything it has claimed to do. I tried it with both liners as well as just the shell and I found the adjustments let me feel comfortably snug in both extremes. I took a quick ride in just the shell with all the vents open, it's 88 and sunny here, and found that it kept me adequately cool while moving. I normally ride in a full mesh jacket and while the Commander did not flow anywhere near as much air it felt like it cooled almost as well because I was not getting the windburn effect of the mesh. My body was able to sweat and I could feel the evaporation more in the Commander than in a full mesh where the sweat is dried before it has a chance to cool you. I also put both the liners in and went for a ride to get idea of the mobility and windstopping charicteristcs of the jacket. I still had very good mobility with bothliners inserted. With all the vents open I could feel a very slight amount of air movement, but with all the vents closed I felt absolutely nothing though the innermost liner did a good job of moving moisture away from my skin. This makes me look forward to winter riding! The jacket cuffs are well designed and can be worn either over or under my fully gauntleted Alpinestar SP1's with no difficulty. The storm collar fit's well around my helmet not impeding movement in any direction, but coming up close enough to block wind very well even at highway speed. All in all I am very impressed with the jacket, and I am quite happy with Newenough's prices and service. I am upgrading all of my gear and I have decided to buy all of it with Newenough. I can't wait for the rest to get here!
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