Rob E. from New York

August 23, 2010
Thank you New enough for a great website and awesome prices! I placed the order for the following: - AGV Dragon Leather Jacket in black - FS-15 Air snarl helmet (with additional mirrored lens and pinlock insert) - Sidi Fusion Boots I have browsed New Enough for a bit finding the right gear, reading the "two cents" section for everything I was reviewing. When the gear came in, it fit exactly as described! The AGV jacket is very comfortable and fits nice and snug. The armor is in the right spot, and it looks nice. The FS-15 helmet is awesome! The fitment is nice and the airpump system is helpful with getting a custom fit. Plus, it looks mean and is fairly bright, so others will see you quite well. The SIDI boots fit very well, and are very comfortable for a full length boot. They go on and off easily, and allow a nice feel on the shifter. I put the cuff of my overpants over these boots, and they do not look too bad like that! Thanks new enough!

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