Cameron C from Alberta, Canada

June 18, 2010
Nelson Rigg makes great gear! The CL-900s are a nice size for a sport bike with a side exhaust. Any larger and it'd be touching. I was worried with strapping down the saddle bags with my undertail kit. However, the 4 strap tie down system was simple and worked very well. The CL-150 is very spacious with extra compartments for anything you can think of. Again great quality all around. Once expanded it becomes unstable. Although my rear seat is only slightly slanted forward, I found the tailbag to be leaning toward me. Once zipped down to it's smaller size there was no issue. If the tailbag is packed tightly there it is much more stable. The tailbag clips very nicely into the saddles bags with four clips. Once all strapped down is still very easy to take off the bike as one unit. From the picture you'll notice I have a bunch of gear strapped to the sides of the tailbag/saddlebags. Everything stayed in place perfectly over the course of a short trip. I recommend the CL-900 and CL-150 as well as New Enough!
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