Matthew D. from New Mexico

April 26, 2010
I compared a lot of gloves (online that is), weighing the elements I was looking for, including price, protective features, and putting a lot of emphasis on reviews from users. The Power Trip Grand Nationals get really good reviews from a lot of users. Also, I'd ordered a pair of Power Trip gloves from newenough about two years ago and have been happy with them, so that played a part too. These gloves fit well - although I normally, in the past, have worn a medium glove, and these, like all the gloves being made nowadays in China, seem to run small, so I had to order the large - and I like the combination of protective features, including the metal studs on the palm. The fit is comfortable and flexible, and the finish, for the most part (see below)seems good. All in all, I'm pretty happy with these gloves, even though I've only ridden a couple of hours with them so far. One thing that concerns me a little is the way the closure strap is connected to the glove. It looks a little weak/flimsy, and I'm hoping it doesn't get pulled off with repeated use. Ride safe everyone.
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