Mike from Virginia

October 25, 2010
I have not owned actual riding boots or pants before, but I have worn these for a bit now, so take my comments with a grain of salt. It took a little time to acclimate to the boots compared to what I was wearing. The Tourmaster Solution boots feel both lighter and sturdier than the 5:11 work boots I used before. They flex where they need to for riding a Kawasaki EX500 but feel rigid laterally and have nice shin protection for their height (this was tested by a golfball sized rock at about 45mph...). The soles are grippy though more trim than workboots, and there is no distinct notch under the arch of the foot in front of the heal, but it is a pretty easy to get comfortable with. I wear a size 10 in the 5:11s and Doc Martins and the size 10 Tourmaster fits fine, a bit narrower which is good for me. These fit me better than Joe Rocket Meteors. They aren't Sidis but for the money, and my riding, they seem quite good. The Alter Ego 2.0 pants are equally successful. The zip-away vent is great and makes a real difference, you can still tell you're wearing overpants on a warm day but it is quite tolerable while moving. When its cooler the velcro cinches at the cuffs help to keep out drafts. I wear a 32x32 in jeans and 5:11 type pants, so I initially I ordered a medium. They turned out to be 'just' too tight for comfort as overpants particularly if wearing a belt. A quick, helpful, phone call to Newenough and they were exchanged for a large which is much better without being bulky. The length is good, while riding the cuff rests at the top of my foots arch and doesn't ride up or down. Finally, silly as it might sound to some, I like the two tone color of these as opposed to all black. These are not the first and certainly won't be the last products I buy from Newenough. Prices are great and the service is even better.

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