Robert W. from Massachusetts

October 17, 2010
The Joe Rocket Survivor suit is very well put together. I have worn this to work over my slacks and button down shirt, arrived clean and without wrinkles. Without the liner, I was plenty warm down to low 40's F on my way to work, and with "big air" open was comfy in 60-70's coming home. I highly recommend this suit to anyone needing to ride in varying temperatures throughout a given day. It won't let you down and is a bargain at this price. I have not had a chance to test it's water proof-ness. As for sizing, I bought a medium and will likely need to swap for a large as I was right on the border of the sizing depicted in the chart description. For reference, I am 5'10" 160lbs, shirt size 16" neck, 32/33 sleeve, suit jacket 40" regular, pants 33"x30". I find the chest just a touch snug but comfortable once on, but the sleeves are a bit short for my arms, which will be longer in the Large. The rest of the suit is perfect if you don't plan to use the liner, but will likely be too tight with the liner and clothes on underneath. If you plan to use this as an "over suit" and are near the border of one size to the next, I recommend getting the larger of the two. Thank g-d for New Enough's amazing return policy! Thanks New Enough for another amazing product and price point. I'm really glad I bought this suit and will continue to do business with your site.
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