Michelle G. from California

January 6, 2010
Nate was awesome in helping me out with the saddle bags to complete my touring gear for my 2009 Ninja 250. We just got back from a windy, cold, rainy (but awesome!) 9 day 1400+ mile trip up the coast from LA to San Fran & points north of that. I was originally concerned about the weight when we started out. On our way back, they were packed really full. One bag comfortably held: chain cleaner, chain wax, a quart of oil (which I didn't need at all, BTW), and a large toiletries bag. And, in the side pocket: a winter hat, baseball hat, winter gloves, tire guage, and cork screw (very important safety gear to have on board). I could have shoved more soft stuff in there as well if I had to. The only issue for the Ninja 250 is that the bags either have to ride fully on top of the rear signals, which bummed me out for safety reasons & because I didn't want to damage the signals, or they have to ride pretty far forward on the points on the sides of the Ninja tail. Although the bags were perfectly secure even in very strong, gusty winds, the points ripped holes in the neoprene protective pads. Riding with the bags so far forward also meant I had to partially sit on one of the straps, which was slightly annoying on long rides if I wasn't wearing my bicycle shorts under my gear. The saddle bags also prohibit lane splitting, which is pretty necessary here in California. I'll only use the saddlebags if I absolutely have to going forward. Luckily, I really love my Eiffel 2 tank bag (it's not too big for a Ninja 250, I swear!), and my FS Expander tail bag. Thanks, New Enough!
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