Allan F. from Alberta, Canada

January 28, 2010
Icon Field Armor Leg I have a 16 inch calf, and I find them a bit too tight for long term comfort. It will be easy to add some length to the straps with non-adhesive Velcro, but really the straps should be adjustable. The strap above the knee is worse than useless. In the sitting position it angles downwards and after wearing the armor for awhile it pulls the knee cup down to expose about a third of my kneecap. The top of the liner would have to extend about 6 inches higher to make it possible to arrange the top strap to circle my thigh when sitting. I won't be using the top strap, and because of this it would be better if the knee cup were attached a little more firmly than by just two elastic straps. The Velcro is attached the wrong way. The part of the strap one pulls on to tighten the straps should have the soft half of the Velcro on it. The hard plastic loops on the other half can puncture skin if they are grasped too tightly. Sorry, no photo of me wearing the gear. That's a photo of my old GS650G that I took for a for sale ad.
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