Nathan H. from California

January 15, 2010
Just wanted to write a testimonial for these pants cause there currently aren't any & to help potential buyers. I ordered these because I was in need of an all purpose riding pant. I liked the sleek styling of the pants. However, upon receiving them I found them not as true to Paul's comments. Some comments are subjective which may lead to these discrepancies. I thought a mild weather pant would mean they would be fine in the 60 to 70s here in So Cal. However after removing the liners and just sitting in them on my couch the night I got them, prob 70ish I was uncomfortably warm - I can only imagine how riding with the sun out would be. Also I am 6'3" and when I sat on my bike the pants would ride up about 3-4 inches above my shoes. So using these pants boots would be a must in my opinion. I felt they are a well made pant with more of a racing styling. They would best be worn with boots in temps 60s to well below I would imagine. I decide to return for the tour master flex pants which I will review once I get a chance to test them. They arrived 2 days after I shipped these pants back - Thanks New Enough!
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