Matthew Z. from Michigan

September 28, 2009
Glad I bought the tall. I'm 6'0", and the pants I normally wear have a 34" inseam measurement. I wanted my Alter Ego pants to fit over my street clothes and not pull over the top of my boots when in riding position. The regular pants may have worked but the tall pants give me plenty of give around the knee when bent - Perfect. The large waist size is listed as 34-36" and I found this to be very accurate. The Alter Ego pants have adjustable straps at the front of the waist, allowing enough room for my 34" waist, jeans, a belt and the riding pants over top. Pockets are large and easy to get to. The vent strip ends tuck neatly under flaps and velcro shut firmly. When opened plenty of air flows through the pants. The removable rain liner is a huge plus.
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