Kat D. from Virginia

September 23, 2009
I ordered these gloves so that I would have a pair that are much cooler than the A* gloves that I have, and a lighter color that would help to reflect the heat a little bit. They are very comfortable, and almost like you're not wearing any gloves. Sadly, the leather is so thin, I'm afraid that's what my hands would look like after a test of these gloves, like I wasn't wearing any. I love them and think they're really comfortable, but I hope to never test them. The white is also terrible for looking decent. After the first time out the undersides were already turning black :( The fit is perfect for me, as I have small hands with very long fingers. The ladies' gloves don't usually work because the fingers are too short. While I can feel the seams at the end of the fingertips, but not enough as to be irritating. Great feel, but sadly, I don't think they're too practical.

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