Sean W. from California

September 22, 2009
This has been my only jacket for about a year. Very durable and lots of thoughtful features. No experience with unplanned get-offs, but not worried too much about the durability or the armor. The storage for the liner works very well. No bags to lose (it's attached to the liner) and it can be changed out either way in less than a minute. I thought I got a pretty good deal at the price I paid, and the closeout price is $30 less. The bad: The velcro is not the best in the world, it doesn't grip very well. It does its job as long as you rub it in, otherwise the wind could unfasten it. Also, this jacket is stinkin' HOT! If I had to do it all over again, I would have chosen a much cooler jacket and just put a layer on underneath when the temperature drops. Having ridden in everything from 29 deg F up to 105 deg F, I can say that 75 is about the max unless you don't mind showing up at your destination dripping sweat, especially if there are stoplights and traffic involved. No issues whatsoever in the cold and wind, and it kept me dry in the drizzle I rode in.
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