Brian S. from North Carolina

August 5, 2009
I wanted a jacket with good back protection instead of a small strip up the spine. I also wanted a jacket with good shoulder and elbow protection. Mesh doesn't exactly come to mind when you think strength. However, this version of the joe rocket UFO jacket has a nice sturdy mesh and everything I want in the way of protection. Five minutes on my bike and I already got looks. It is a fantastic jacket. Some reviews said it was too short and the arms were too short. I am 6'2". The chest fits true to size. The arms are about 1/2" too short. The jacket itself is about 1/2" shorter than my other jackets. However, it isn't enough to make me want to cry about it. My full wrist gloves cover my wrists just fine. My only kinda complaint is the position of the elbow pads. They are kinda down closer to the forearm. Just by you guessed it, about a 1/2". I would have figured it would have been too high given the arm length is about a 1/2" short. Again, I just threw in some replacement armor... problem solved. I really do like this jacket and I know you will be happy too.
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