Albe from California

August 29, 2009
As you porbably figured out, I purchased a pair of the Joe Rocket Super Street Bikes boot (JRSBB). This after having a bad experience with a seller of race boots on Craigslist. The seller never showed up after driving over 50 miles to pick up the boots, not even a call. So, I spent 3 hours on Sunday morning waiting and about $10. bucks of gas. All over a pair of 40.00 dollars ICON used boots. I thought I was going to save money. Yeah Right! Well, a friend turned me on to Not New Enough. I found the JRSSB. The Not New Enough Staff is friendly, because when I called to make the order they were nice to me. Also, when I called to cancel the order because of a bank snafoo. Same, they were willing to take care of my request. I stayed with the order; The shipment came about 3 days later, which I think is quick. The quality is TOP-TOP on this Joe Rocket Boot. The fit on the boot is perfect with plenty of toe room and ankle support as well as a no non-sense accessiblty to put on and off. I am very impressed with the boots and am confident to make many purchases with Not New Enough soon. I will get you some better pictures, for now check these out.
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